About Us

About Us

What we are:
Crossroad is a not-for-profit treatment provider for emotionally troubled children and their families.

Who we are:
A team of counselors, teachers, therapists, housekeepers, cooks, groundskeepers, nurses and others.

What we offer:
Simply put, Crossroad is a treatment provider for emotionally troubled children.  Behind that simple description is a long list of therapy, education and family support services provided both to children who live on our campus and to those we work with in the community.

How children come to us:
Children come to Crossroad through a variety of avenues. Some are referred by courts, mental health professionals, public service agencies, counselors and educators. Some come to us through and with their families.

How we got started:
Crossroad opened in 1883 as "The Reformed Orphans Home of Fort Wayne, Indiana" by the Reformed Church, a predecessor of today's United Church of Christ.