Learning for a New Life: Education at Crossroad

Crossroad Academy prepares each student to be socially and academically ready for the next level of education or vocation by providing a program for students not succeeding in a traditional classroom setting. A highly structured learning environment and the use of conventional and nontraditional methods support each student’s academic, social, and emotional needs. The faculty and staff members are committed to the mission of creating promising futures for children — whatever it takes.

Certified elementary, secondary, and special education teachers lead instruction in each classroom. Funding through the Title I program allows us to provide additional help with student reading and math skills. Crossroad Youth and Family Specialists assist with behavior management in classrooms and during activities. Crossroad Academy maintains a small student to staff ratio, which facilitates learning and develops positive relationships.

Program Highlights

  • Located on the campus of Crossroad Child & Family Services
  • Accredited by both the Indiana Department of Education (Freeway Accreditation) and AdvancED
  • Offering classes for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade
  • Small class sizes facilitate learning and relationship building
  • Project Approach instruction features student-driven investigations that incorporate multiple core subjects
  • A Behavior Incentive program, with daily feedback, keeps students focused on behavior and learning goals
  • Students and staff come together for the daily Morning Convocation to concentrate on the school day ahead
  • Facilities include gym, cafeteria, computer lab, media center, and playground
  • Tuition assistance may be available through the Indiana Choice Scholarship program

Behavior management is the cornerstone of the education program; all staff members are highly trained in de-escalation techniques and behavior redirection, which helps ensure an environment in which learning may occur. Students participate in a Behavior Incentive Plan, which focuses on six key school and life skills: being respectful, staying on task, demonstrating positive social skills, remaining in class, following directions, and completing assigned work. Staff members log individual student behavior hourly and share the record with students, parents/guardians, and treatment teams at the end of each day. This daily feedback provides valuable insight and progress monitoring.

Crossroad Academy serves students living with their families, as well as clients in Crossroad’s residential treatment programs. Day students attend the school as an alternative to public education, and may or may not be involved in Crossroad treatment programs. Crossroad Academy’s Day Education program provides educational opportunities for children who can remain in their home but are in need of a more structured educational environment. We accept referrals from families and local school corporations for the Day Education Program.