Learning for a New Life: Education at Crossroad

Troubled and abused children need lots of love, hope and therapy to recover from their traumas. And while they’re getting better, these kids also need to continue their education so they’re prepared to live on their own and be contributing members of society.

Crossroad’s on-campus school, one of the few of its kind among Indiana agencies dealing with troubled youth, helps students catch up academically and prepare for their future. The school is operated in cooperation with Fort Wayne Community Schools and staffed by certified elementary, secondary and special education teachers. Instructional assistants and teachers’ aides also work in our classrooms.

Crossroad School offers:

  • Alternative education for children in grades 1 - 12
  • GED preparation programs
  • A diverse academic curriculum including English, language arts, science, social studies, math, and reading
  • Involvement in Project Based Learning, through which students cover topics that span the core subjects
  • Daily morning assemblies to help students focus on the day ahead
  • Programs emphasizing social development, including classes in social skills, home living skills, careers, wellness education, and sex education
  • Vocational education, when appropriate
  • Tutoring and regular study hours
  • Regular recreational opportunities
  • Social activities such as school play, school newspaper, and dances

Most Crossroad residents attend the on-campus school. However, those who’ve progressed in their treatment can attend an off-campus public school for all or part of their day. Crossroad staff transports those students to and from the public school, and our education liaison works with students and teachers to help students succeed in this environment.

Crossroad School also accepts referrals from local school corporations and parents for our Day Education program. Day Education students are not Crossroad residents; rather, they live at home and attend Crossroad School as an alternative to public school. Programming is designed for students struggling in a traditional educational environment.

For all students, behavior management is the cornerstone of the program; all staff members who support students are highly trained in de-escalation techniques and behavior redirection, helping to ensure an environment in which learning may occur.