Life at Crossroad

Life at Crossroad

No matter what level or type of treatment they receive, the girls and boys at Crossroad share common experiences.

Emotional and social development: Children meet individually with their therapists one to three times each week and generally attend group therapy at least once a week.

Education: In cooperation with Fort Wayne Community Schools, Crossroad operates an on-campus school that provides a complete academic program. Residents have mandatory study time, and individual tutoring is available. Youth who are doing well in their treatment may attend public school off campus.

Recreation: Crossroad’s Northland Education/Recreation Building has a gymnasium and exercise room. Boys and girls also may go off campus for activities such as art or music lessons, movies, concerts, sports events or bowling.

Healthcare: Our residents receive regular physical and dental examinations at the Family Practice Center. Members of Crossroad's nursing staff are available daily and on call around the clock.

Religion: Participation in religious activities is voluntary. Crossroad offers on-campus worship services and special activities for interested residents. If appropriate and desired, arrangements may be made for children to attend religious services in the community.

Family: If the child’s treatment plan allows, regular visits with family members are encouraged.  Crossroad also provides a Guest House where visiting families may stay at no charge.