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Crossroad Architectural Drawing

Building Promising Futures

—Kyle Zanker, Chief Development Officer

When our forefathers founded Crossroad in 1883, did anyone imagine we would still be in mission more than 135 years later? Our initial purpose was to help orphans, but as the needs of children changed, so did our services. Today, we primarily serve children with complicated mental and emotional health challenges. We would like to believe that there will be no need for our services in the future, but it is our job to prepare for the future, and we are doing just that.

If you visit our campus today, you will see signs of change. You will see spaces where we have razed some of our old buildings – one nearly 100 years old. You will see temporary fencing. You will see a great deal of dirt. You will guess we are preparing to build! You will be right!

Crossroad Architectural Rendering 2We are building a new 15-bed residential living unit to help more children from our waiting lists, and a new treatment and welcome center to provide therapy and other services more effectively.

We are preparing to repurpose our old natatorium into a new kitchen, dining hall, and meeting space. These projects help make sure we can help additional children and provide physical access to services for children and families far into the future.

If you are interested in more information, would like a tour, or would like to know how you can help, please send me a message or call 260.484.4153, ext. 2090.